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The IYLL was founded in 2020 with the goal of being a new and more collaborative, convenient, and affordable Spring lacrosse option for clubs in Illinois. 

The IYLL provides the opportunity for community-based clubs and athletes to participate in a well-organized, competitive lacrosse league, while traveling less for games, spending less on administrative fees, and focusing on providing the best spring lacrosse experience in Illinois.

Together, the IYLL and its clubs have helped change the standard for Illinois Spring Lacrosse. The IYLL and its partners continue to innovate and collaborate on new ways to grow the game in and Illinois and create a fun and competitive experience for all youth clubs in the state. 

           The IYLL North Model

  • 10 Guaranteed Games Across 5 weeks 

  • Centralized game locations 

  • Tournament-style play days

  • FREE opening weekend and playoffs 

  • Trained, certified officials 

  • Pay for what you use, no administrative fees

  • Local competition 

  • State & Regional Championships 

  • IYLL staff on site for all competitions 

  • Trainer on site provided by the league 

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